About Us

Primis launched across the UK and US on the  1st September 2021.
Primis provides contract and permanent technology staffing solutions with a complete focus on putting people first in every aspect of the process.
We are on a mission to improve the D&I landscape within the technology sector and work with all our partners offering D&I and unconscious bias training to hiring managers and  employees.
Our board is made up of industry leaders in the recruitment, technology, insurance and D&I sectors offering over 100 years of experience in our relevant fields – you won’t find more expertise in any other recruitment  firm.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

People are at the heart of our business, so we put our clients, candidates and employees first in any decision we make.

Vision Statement

To be the fastest growing privately owned talent and solution provider to the technology sector operating across the UK, US and Europe before the end of 2025

D&I Statement

We are on a mission to build, leverage and educate a ​diverse and inclusive workplace both at Primis and across every client we engage with.

Our Core Values

People are the soul of our business.

We realise that everyone is different, everyone has different needs, motivations and priorities so let’s treat people as individuals and put them first.

Diversity is a pillar of our business. 

Different backgrounds,
cultures, opinions, views & perspectives
all create a stronger business and a more
inclusive environment.

We want everyone to
feel welcome and a part of our journey.

We only accept being the best at what we do – we don’t understand words like Mediocre or Average – we hold ourselves accountable and as a team we push each other to do the best that we can.

Expect excellence.
We do.

"It’s not a job if you love what you do”

Smile, socialise, chat, don’t take yourself too seriously – put fun into your day, everyday.

We strive to be at the front of the pack, not chasing it.

We are constantly evolving and looking at how we can offer a service and commitment to our clients, candidates and employees that ensures we are best in class.

Working mums and dads, gym classes, working from home, early Friday finish to start the weekend – we realise that we work to live, not live to work.

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